Are You a Victim of Consumer Christianity?

Are You a Victim of Consumer Christianity?

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Consumer Christianity is not a new concept, but honestly its an irritating one for me.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid has given me a unique and slightly cynical view of the current state of this Western Charismatic Church Culture we find ourselves in. Don’t worry, God and I have been having some intense talks about it and He is helping me with my cynicism. However, this post will reflect the honest thoughts of a millennial concerned for his generation.

Many people find themselves hopping from church to church looking for somewhere that is going to fulfill all of their needs and have been bitten by what I like to call the Consumer Christianity Bug.


There is no church in this universe that will meet ALL of your needs.

It is time for us to stop approaching church the same way we approach shopping at the mall. Walking into a store looking for goods and services, then sending management an email that you’re not happy with your experience and will no longer be returning to the store.

If you find yourself at Apostle Bishop’s Conference on Wednesday, then Prophet Apostle’s Webinar on Thursday and finish off the week at Dr. Evangelist’s Summit on Saturday, but by the time Sunday gets here you can’t make it to your own local house, there is a problem. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use alternative resources or participate in things outside of your local assembly, but it should not be used as a substitute.

If you don’t find yourself planted somewhere there will be no actual growth. Who cares if you’ve been activated to write multiple books, prophesy to the multitudes and cast out devils if you have not been discipled in having Godly character. All you become is a consumer who is easily swayed by a good marketing strategy. Do not let a catchy slogan, a photoshopped image and pretty background have you abdicating your role in your local assembly.

The real question you should be asking yourself is not “what can this church do for me”, but “what can I do for this church”. If you haven’t spent time praying and seeking wisdom from the Holy Spirit as to where He is calling you to SERVE, it may be time to do that.

There must come a shift in our thinking away from “what’s in this for me”.

I believe it is time for leaders to seek fresh vision on how to reach my generation. There is a method currently being used, and although it is effective in drawing a crowd, it is not making disciples. In due time, we will pay a price for it. This method is not the mission. The mission is still to make disciples that advance the kingdom of God.

If you are a leader banging your head against the wall asking why am I losing all my youth, I have one tip for you. The only real “marketing strategy” you need is love. Jesus is still the head of the church. When we, as followers of Jesus, gather together there should be love in the room.

It is time to become intentional in making the love of God flowing in our churches priority number one. 

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