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My name is Caleb, I am 24 years old from the Aurora/Naperville area. I attend Ruach Covenant Church International under the leadership of Apostle Daryl O’Neil and yes he’s my dad. Shoutout to all the PKs who know how it is. I am a Lebron James Stan so we will just have to agree to disagree. I love music and I spend a lot of free time playing Madden. I have great passion to see my generation saved, filled with the Holy Spirit and walking in power. My reasons for partnering with To Be Made In His Image are to help offer perspective from my generation on things happening in the body of Christ as well as offer guidance and encouragement for my peers. Thanks for reading!
Are You a Victim of Consumer Christianity?

Are You a Victim of Consumer Christianity?

I would like to welcome my partner, Caleb O’Neil, and I hope you all are looking forward to everything we will accomplish together. Below is the first of many blog posts from Caleb. Don’t forget to comment with words of encouragement and like this post. ENJOY!   Consumer Christianity is not a new concept, but honestly its an irritating one for me. Growing up as a pastor’s kid has given me a unique and slightly cynical view of the current…

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