I Miss You

I Miss You

Sometimes, in order to forgive and grow, you first have to acknowledge the pain. My father passed away from suicide when I was young, and this is a poem I wrote to him acknowledging the capacity of a daughter’s love for a father she barely knew.

This always happens when least expected

This feeling of love and rejection

A heart breaking feeling

Missing you

I feel my heart beat, and I know you aid its pulse

I feel my heart-break, and you fuel its fracture

Fathers are supposed to mend your heart, and hold you for your first heart-break. 

Not be your first heart-break 

And where are you now…

While my heart is breaking because of you

These tears that are falling because of you, 

Where are you to wipe them away

My need of acceptance

My need for a man’s love 

All because of you


Years later

And it’s still all because of you

-Rest in heaven Mark Stewart

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