My Views on Marriage

My Views on Marriage


Hey guys,
So I saw a post the other day about marriage and why this particular person didn’t understand why everyone was getting married so early and why they were adamant on waiting until they “lived a little” before getting married. It brought to my memory a conversation I had with a friend of mine on why I don’t casually date, why I take marriage so seriously, and why I will not have children out of wedlock. We spoke on why I don’t believe in divorce and why I also don’t believe in just marrying because you are “in love.” Of course I speak from the women’s perspective…so here it goes.
When you marry someone, you are making arguably the most important decision in your life. Not because it’s the most important decision for yourself, but because its a decision that will directly affect everyone you love, and will love. When you marry a man, you don’t just pick a life partner. You have chosen the father of your children. The man who will give them their name. You have chosen your daughter’s first love, and your son’s first hero. He’s the man who will teach your son how to love and your daughter how to be loved. He’s the man who will show your children how to lead and humble themselves, PRAY, FORGIVE, LOVE, RESPECT….You get the idea.
You are also marrying the man who will lift your mother out of her bed with respect, love and care when she no longer can herself. The man who will share in the laughter and tears of your closest friends. ….I think you guys get the point. You make a decision for your children, for your family, for your friends. For me, that is not a decision to be made twice, to be unsure about, or to make without a “God said” first.
This is why marriage is such a heavy topic for me. I’m not saying I do for just myself but for my daughter’s heart and my son’s example. Its a decision to be prayed about, fasted over, and made only after being completely sure you can make that commit to that man and to God.
So for me, I first say “I do” to God. I first submit myself to Him before I can ever say I will submit myself to a man.
God bless.

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  1. This is a excellent mentality to have and it’s interesting to read a young woman in Christ perspective.

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