The Man Who Raised Me

The Man Who Raised Me

Many of us don’t get to experience what it’s like to have the man who gave you life actually be apart of it. For a lot of us, our biological fathers are the first to reject us. This is true for me as well. My biological father is not the man who raised me. That created many wounds from which I am still healing. Despite the decisions my biological father decided to make prior to and after my birth, my Heavenly Father never stopped being my father even when I couldn’t see it. That meant sending my mother a husband, and providing my brother and me a father to teach us just how much God loves us; to teach us how he fathers his children. Although I initially rejected this new male parent, he never stopped loving me or being my father. Nothing I ever did or said could keep him from being just that. I realized what it means to be a daughter, to be covered by a father and to be loved by a father. It felt good to be forever protected, to be forever loved and cherished, to be forever cared for despite myself. I am beyond thankful for this man, my father, because he gave me a glimpse of just how amazing God really is.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

We all have a father. Whether some of us are blessed with a physical father or not, we all have a Heavenly Father who wishes to love on you, will protect you, will provide for you and will cherish you despite the mistakes you make. Don’t be like me and take so long to understand this. No matter how many times you reject your Heavenly Father, He will never reject you. Thank you God for that.

And thank you Daddy for teaching me that.

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  1. I remember when my father left…I didn’t realize it affected me at first. I’m happy to say he is back in my life and God kept me. While he doesn’t go to church with me, I love and honor the father God has given me.

  2. This is awesome. I found your post on Facebook. I must say I am proud of you and I don’t even know you. I too started a blog in january and it was a battle because I had to be vulnerable and take off the mask like everything was okay. The power of vulnerability! Thank you for sharing, I am so sure so many people can relate to this message. You don’t and probably won’t know how powerful your message is going to be an impact on someone else. Keep blogging! Keep sharing! Keep God first! Many blessings to you lovely 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words Melissa. This definitely is a new and vulnerable experience, but I am fully embracing it. I look forward to reading your blog as well.

  3. Hi Marissa,
    I am so proud of you. I think you will be a blessing to so many young people and you will be blessed in turn.

    Love you.
    Auntie Dot

  4. Daughter (baby girl) I am honored and proud to be your father. I can’t tell you how awesome it makes me feel to know that you have recieved everything I attempted to deposit into you.

    Thanks for sharing our story with the purpose of being a blessing to others.
    Wow, I am your first post…that’s very cool.
    Much love..Pops

  5. Proud of you, you may not remember me it has been a long time, but I taught you and your brother in Sunday school at Kyles Temple in SACRAMENTO, keep the good work going.

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