They Called Me a Hypocrite

They Called Me a Hypocrite

I’ve never met someone who hasn’t messed up. We all have flaws and we all are a work in progress. Even those of us who are Christ-like. Yet every now and then we encounter people who expect us to be perfect. The conversation normally goes something like this:

“You’ve messed up time and time again.”

“Yes, I’ve messed up. I am not perfect, but I am still pursuing a life for Christ.”

“No you’ve messed up too much. It’s people like you who have pushed me away from the church. People who say they are Christ-like, but are actually hypocrites.”

If anyone has every had a conversation like this, you are not alone. They can be hard to hear. Anytime someone continuously throws your past mistakes in your face, it isn’t easy and can be discouraging, but don’t you get down on yourself. Keep pushing and getting closer to God. They are wrong. You are not a hypocrite. Here’s why.

There’s only one person whose stepped foot on this earth who hasn’t sinned. His name is Jesus and even He didn’t exclude those who have messed up. In fact, some of the most messed up people He encountered, He turned their life around and then used them as some of the most profound speakers in the Bible for the Kingdom. If you think I’m lying, look at the story of Saul before he became Paul.

To look at someone through their sin, is to misunderstand what it truly means to be Christ-like. If we each wrote all of our sins on a window and then stood behind this window, no one would be seen. We all would have very few glimpses into the heart behind the sin. That’s the beauty of the blood of Jesus, and of forgiveness. The blood cleans my window. Forgiveness wipes my window spotless so my heart can shine. If the sin of other people is what you think is keeping you from church and a real relationship with Christ, look at your own window. THAT is why you need God. THAT is why the church is so very important. Your past can become your testimony. Where you are currently, DESPITE the mistakes you’ve made, is the true testament to the greatness of God.

So, be encouraged. Keep striving to be more like God everyday, using the story of your big brother Jesus as a guide. Don’t let those who see you through dirty glass keep you from staying the course. No matter the sin you’ve committed the day before, each day comes with the cleansing of the blood of Christ through forgiveness. Renewing your mind is not an easy process, but don’t you stop trying. YOU ARE NOT YOUR MISTAKES! You’ve got this. We all are on this journey together!

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  1. Wow… God has had this on my heart for like the past 2 weeks… thank you again for these words.

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