When My Passion Doesn’t Fit into Sunday Morning

When My Passion Doesn’t Fit into Sunday Morning

I was born during what many call the Apostolic movement of the church. Now, in my 20’s, it seems that so many believers in my generation are developing to become apostles, prophets and pastors, and venture into full-time ministry as their career. I’m happy for them. I am also developing into my five fold ministry gift, yet something in me is sorrowful.

What about those who have a passion for science? My peers who love politics, or education or child development. What about those people who aren’t meant to operate in a five fold ministry gift and have a passion for the arts and theatre? Somewhere amongst the push for apostles and prophets, do they feel forgotten? Unimportant? Confused?

Where are the books to help them pursue their passion of science in a field aimed at defying God’s existence? The books to help the young politician navigate the pride in their field with integrity. What about the books to help the young professors hold strong to their faith amongst a world of skeptics?

Has our focus on five fold ministry gifts left those whose passions that aren’t for Sunday morning, those who aren’t purposed for five fold ministry, left feeling confused? No wonder so many question whether their passion is from God.

If you’ve never heard this before, I want to be the first to tell you, God made you just the way you are supposed to be with the passion you are supposed to have.

I know ministry can seem very one-dimensional. If what I’m called to do isn’t for Sunday mornings, or weekend conferences, is it wrong? The answer is NO. Ministry isn’t one-dimensional. It goes far beyond the walls of your church.

We need those who are called to become scientists to pursue their fields boldly. Imagine the breakthroughs if the person attempting to cure cancer had a relationship with Holy Spirit.

We need those who are called to become politicians to be supported in their endeavors. Imagine what this world would be like if those in government stood on truth.

You get my point.


I understand what it feels like to get more clarity in my biology class than on Sunday morning. I understand what it feels to honestly feel as though science seemed more logical than religion.

For those who are in this place, you aren’t alone. I was there. I was confused as the preacher would talk about this mystical God and my professor would speak about mathematical equations and the later made more sense. When the religion I was born into left me more confused than the classes I was taking. When logic could be used to figure out an equation, but not the Bible.

I want to give you hope. I want to give you clarity. You think logically or systemically or creatively, and God made you that way for a reason. Not to make the Bible more difficult to understand, but to expose the truth behind His words.

I had to make a decision to pursue the Holy Spirit for myself, to ask Him the question and not just my pastors. And what I found is a logical God, who gives logical explanations and makes logical decisions. He revealed the answers I needed to combat my doubt. I asked questions because I wanted to believe and He answered.

He answers, every single time. All you have to do is ask for yourself. He will reveal himself to you, in the way that makes sense to you. He will affirm your passions and send you people to walk with and sharpen your faith.

Pursue the passion God has given you unapologetically. Ask God the questions that walking in your field raises. Ask Him to reveal himself to you. If you need tangible evidence, ask Him for it. God’s kingdom was never intended to reside within the four walls of your church. His kingdom is meant to be expressed throughout the earth, in every field, occupation and passion. You are needed and extremely valuable to the kingdom of God.

He is still the God who showed himself to Moses. He is still the God that causes dead bones to become alive. He is still the God that moves amongst His people with fire.

What He did for Moses, Elijah, and Abraham, He will do for you, if you were to only seek Him and ask.

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