You Can Have The Religion, I’d Rather Sit With The Sinners

You Can Have The Religion, I’d Rather Sit With The Sinners

When did things become so segregated? Not just racially segregated, but religiously segregated. The branches of Christianity have turned into their own cliques and to be honest with you, I’m tired of it.

It’s like high school all over again. If you’re a Baptist, you sit at this table. If you’re a Pentecostal, you sit at that table. If you’re non denominational, there’s a table for you. If you believe in the universe, there’s a separate table for you. And, oh the atheists? You all are in the corner on the far side of the cafeteria. What are we, sixteen?! Since when did what you believe mean you had to be ostracized from everyone else? Oh, and don’t decide to sit at another table one Sunday. Don’t decide to try to learn about beliefs beyond your own. Don’t educate yourself about the world around you. Why would anyone want to do that? The world revolves around you and your clique, right? Now, everyone from your previous table is going to question whether you really believe in what you say you do. “You see her over there with the “universe” people. She says she believes in God, but I just don’t know.”

Look, the reality of it is this. We all want to believe in something and in our current society, there are a lot of options. Just because someone believes in something different then you doesn’t automatically make them this disease you must stay far away from. Oh, and it doesn’t mean you will become “infected” with their beliefs if you talk to them either. Well, unless you aren’t really sure what you believe, and you are just following whatever crowd you look the most like. Then, you might become infected with what’s around you, but that’s on you, not them.

Especially Christians. We have to stop making people feel less than us just because they believe in something different. Why would they want to be Christian if every Christian they know is “cliquish” and talks about everyone who isn’t like them? What’s attractive about that? To be honest, I wouldn’t want to sit at your table either.

That’s not what Jesus is about. That’s not what God is about. God doesn’t have cliques and He for sure doesn’t have prejudices or preferences when it comes to His children. Oh yeah, and if you forgot by chance, we are all His children. Even the atheist you have avoided in the hallway is God’s child. Just because he doesn’t believe in his creator, doesn’t mean God is all of a sudden not his creator anymore.

You want to make believing in God attractive? Get rid of the tables. Bring everyone into the same room. Just this big empty space where everyone must sit next to each other. Then, talk. Be open to what people have to say. Stop forcing Jesus down the throats of your peers and start learning the heart of those around you. Feel the pain in their voice, hear the desperation in their words, feel the love they express and realize we all aren’t much different then the next. We all want love, so show love. God is love. When you show love, you show them God. Just bring in the presence of God with your presence and let Him work.

I believe things can change. Come into the room, I promise it’s safe here. Just kick off your shoes, let your hair down, and drop your religion at the door.

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