Your Pursuit of Marriage Is Not Your Sole Purpose

Your Pursuit of Marriage Is Not Your Sole Purpose

If you’re in your 20’s, on Facebook, and following millennial ministries, you might’ve noticed the majority seem to focus on one goal…marriage.

The big question of your 20’s, “How do I pick the right person to marry?”

I’m not saying I didn’t have this same question because I did. Marriage is a very important decision most will make in their 20’s. It is imperative to marry in purpose and with the right perspective on marriage to advance God’s kingdom. So what is my biggest concern with this linear focus of my peers?

Do you even know your purpose? How many of us in our 20’s can answer this question? If you can’t, how diligent are you in seeking God about purpose as you are about marriage?

This might come as a shock, but marriage is not your only purpose. Walking down the aisle and saying “I do” isn’t going to answer all questions about why you are here and what you must do as God’s representative. This idea that you will find yourself once you are married is not biblical, but a worldly mindset.

Another shocker, marriage should further advance your purpose, not become it. The act of marriage will not complete you. You will not find wholeness in becoming someone’s spouse. An insecure single person doesn’t find security in their marriage. They just become an insecure married person.

For me, my purpose is the focus of my single season, of my 20’s and of the rest of my life. The first questions I asked God, what does it mean to be made in your image? What did you call me to do as your representative on Earth? What is my specific assignment? How do I develop the gifts you have given me? Father, give me the heart of Joshua and show me my Moses in this season.

Being single should be a time to develop and grow in God. It’s a time to heal and become whole in Him. Learn who you are as His image on Earth and what you are called to do.

Start your purpose driven walk and you will realize your future spouse’s path will be parallel with yours.


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